Baby & Kids Academy

Tennis schools for children over 7 years old

 We invite both children and adults to sign up for tennis schools at the Tenis Kozerki Tennis Academy.

 • classes on professional courts in Grodzisk Mazowiecki

 • professional, certified staff

 • a method of training adapted to the age and level of advancement

 • development of comprehensive physical fitness

 • balance between achieving results and having fun

The trainings are aiming at people who are just starting their adventure with tennis and those who already play and their level of play allows them to freely compete with their peers. Classes are conducted in small groups under the watchful eye of the trainers of the Tenis Kozerki Tennis Academy.

During the practice, we pass on the skills that are necessary to develop tennis skills, starting from the correct grip of the racket, bouncing, but also gaining self-confidence on the court, in order to be able to take part in tennis tournaments and win trophies in the future.

We focus primarily on great sports fun!

Tennis Kindergarten

Tennis Kindergarten is an offer for children aged 4-6.  Classes in groups include general development training with elements of tennis.  Training carried out in the form of fun allows you to achieve the fundamental goal, which is to gradually improve the child’s fitness and acquire basic tennis skills, while stimulating interest in sport and the desire to practice it.  The classes are based on the assumptions and guidelines of the Tenis 10 program, developed by the International Tennis Federation, accepted and adapted for use in Poland by the Polish Tennis Association.

 • learning through play

 • classes under the supervision of professionals on the courts in Grodzisk Mazowiecki

 • general development training

 • classes conducted according to the TENIS10 program