Fitness training

Professional fitness training

Trainings intended for professional tennis players, taking part in competitions, with a PZT ranking. Motor classes are group or individual training aimed at developing general physical fitness (strength, endurance, speed or flexibility).  Thanks to the use of functional movements, they are a great form of sports activity, thanks to which trainees can develop their athletic potential, remaining healthy and fit for years.


Trainings shape all the motor features necessary for the proper development of an athlete (professional or amateur).  For an amateur athlete, they will be helpful in regulating body weight, shaping the figure or developing fitness.  For a professional athlete, they are an essential link to prevent injuries and achieve better sports results in their target discipline.


Motor training is conducted under the supervision of qualified staff who will adjust the level of difficulty of the exercise training to the age and skill level.  Therefore, they are dedicated to both children, teenagers and adults, beginners and advanced athletes.

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  • Classes are held both in groups and individually.  Groups of a maximum of 15 people per 1 coach.
  • For recreational athletes, a standard training session lasts 1 hour. For professional athletes, 1-1.5 hours.