Kozerki Tennis Academy's Vision

Become the competent center of tennis in Poland.

Kozerki Tennis Academy's Mission

Provide kids and teenagers with the best sport and educational infrastructure and master level of training in coordination with education. In the effect the Academy will become a well known talent forge for multiple generations and the greatest tennis players.

Our Rules

Joy and satisfaction
Derive pleasure from training and participating in tournaments. I like what I do.

Thoughts and feelings
The mind needs exercises just like the muscles!

Perseverance and patience
It is always worth trying, even though sometimes the effects are not immediate.

Daily Work
Everyday I can do something that brings me closer to my goal.

Strengths and weaknesses
I know what are my assets and what can be improved.

Right to error
I can get it wrong sometimes.

I plan
I have an influence on what my day looks like.

I learn from my mistakes
Sport is also about losing. I can deal with adversities.

I respect my sports competitors and appreciate their skills.

Each sport is an opportunity to learn something about yourself.