Tennis & School


During the school year stay, the following activities are planned:

  • Daily fitness training: 2 x 1h Monday – Friday – in open green areas, in the sports hall, at the gym, running training, sand training and other specialized training – in groups.
  • Tennis training: 2 x 1.5h Monday – Friday. On outdoor and indoor courts, clay and hard, in groups of 2-4 / court and individual.
  • Sparring and/or tournament trips (weekends), with the assistance of a coach in Poland and abroad.
  • Recovery (physiotherapy treatments, dry and infrared sauna, cryocabin).
  • Two preparation periods (about 6-8 weeks in winter and 4-6 weeks in spring). During these periods, training plans are tailored to the individual needs of each athlete.
  • Three sets of tests (general fitness) performed in September, February and June, together with a report and indications for further sports development.
  • Individual monitoring device that tracks vital signs, energy expenditure, sleep quality, degree of fatigue and rest and many other parameters (in cooperation with the American company WHOOP, certified by WTA).
  • Theoretical classes in tactics, analysis, warm-up rules, anti-doping.

 * It is possible to adjust training units to individual requirements (after consulting the Sports Director of the Academy)

From September to June (10 months with a break of 2 weeks in February.)

For teenagers of high school age (14-18 years old)

During the day, students have time for individual online learning (with their own school or a school cooperating with the Academy)